RANGE Brings Change

A Reimagined Workplace
RANGE was created in part to address the worsening gender equity issues and disparities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, women faced a lack of sponsorship, bias in evaluations and promotions, disparities in grant funding and publications, and a disproportionate burden of childcare and domestic responsibilities. Whether it’s called the glass ceiling, the leaky pipeline, or the broken rung- there is recognition of systemic barriers that prevent women from moving up in their careers and as a result women are underrepresented in the leadership hierarchies of most professions and industries. The pandemic further exacerbated these issues by disrupting the social and familial supports we rely on to get work done. The burden of navigating these acute challenges has been hard for everyone, but given the already existing disparities, women potentially will be more negatively impacted by these disruptions, which can affect their career trajectories for years to come.

Solving equity issues…

• Addressing gender equity issues by funding research to better understand the causes and find solutions.

Improving sponsorship…

• Addressing deficits in sponsorship and mentorship by funding development and educational programs.

Navigating work-life balance…

• Addressing the need for better work-life integration and balance by advocating for policies that support and de-stigmatize caregiving.